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Welcome to my Skyline homepage.  This site is dedicated to all the people whom own or wish to own a Skyline GTR.  It will follow the progress of the Skyline shown above as it continues being modified from it's standard spec to as far as my budget will allow. 

My Current proven performance figures are :

0-60mph                3.50 secs    (Trax 2004)

0-100mph              7.25 secs   (USC 2004 Santa Pod 1/8 Mile)

1/4 Mile               11.15secs  @ 126.31mph    (USC 2004 Santa Pod)

Top Speed         180.15 mph in 1.2miles    (Terminal Velocity 2005)

Current Power    515 bhp @ 1.15bar (Tuning Japanese Dyno)

Last Updated : 23/08/2005

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