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This is a short video clip shot at Bruntingthorpe test track during 1999.  It is my Skyline before any modifications passing at 170mph on the 2 mile long runway.  Hopefully I will be able to improve on this speed next year after a few improvements.




Here's the standard Skyline at Santa Pod running the 1/4 mile during Ultimate Street Car 1999.  A 13.5 second 1/4 mile, not a bad time for a standard car.  Look out for it at Ultimate Street Car 2000, it should be a bit quicker. ;o) 




The 'mildly' tuned Skyline at Santa Pod running the 1/4 mile during Ultimate Street Car 2000.  A 12.12 second 1/4 mile time, still room for improvement after some more modifications :)  Stage 3 tuning completed.




Just the same spec as above but with a HKS intercooler and the new 19" wheels.  11.94 seconds (with a bad start), should have been able to get around 11.8 with a few more tries.  Stage 5 tuning without HKS2530 Turbos.





With the new turbos running at 1.25bar I managed 11.816seconds @ 119.24mph :o)))) and won USC2001 overall as well as my class.  Stage 5 tuning completed.




At Trax2001 with the same setup as above the Skyline weighing 1500+kg  managed 3.57 seconds 0-60mph.  Stage 5 tuning completed.




The first rolling road session at Tuning Japanese with Modification Stages 1-5 completed.  Nearly 430bhp, not bad when running only 1 bar boost as the mixture was too lean to run more.  The rolling road graph is viewable in the 'Picture Gallery'.




At a Banzai magazine group test day in April 2002 I did a 3.56 second 0-60, 8.09 second 0-100 and 11.8 second 1/4 mile @ 121.4 mph.  Stage 6 tuning completed.  More detail on the run time is available for viewing in the picture gallery.




At Dyno Day 3 I was expecting to see approx the same reults as achieved during the setup of the car by Abbey Motorsport (496bhp @ 1bar, 515bhp @ 1.15bar) as the car was the same except for a change of wheels.  I was a bit dissapointed by only getting 455bhp @ 1bar and 474bhp @ 1.15bar :o(  I guess it just shows how much dyno sessions can change day by day and only a change of wheels drops the power by some 40bhp. The dyno printout is viewable in the Picture Gallery.



At Ten of the Best I was happy to achieve 179.1mph in only 1.25miles and still pulling strongly.  I think that 190mph+ would be achievable with a longer run. :o)  Also the 500 metre run was completed in 13.22sec @ 126mph.




No need for a bbq at USC2002 as can be seen here. ;o)  Managed to win USC2002 again but with a very scrappy 1/4mile effort of only 11.8sec @ 115mph.









Second overall in the more than 4 cylinder class at the Donny in the Park weekend at Avon Park Raceway, not too bad as I was mixed with the Pro Street dragsters.  1/4 mile completed in 11.80sec @ 119.7mph.





At Ten Of The Best II I finally get a good 1/4 mile which all game together, no clutch slip, no bogging, no fluffed gear change :o)  11.34s 1/4 mile run, I don't think I will be able to improve on this until I raise the power a bit now.  Quite an achievement for a car running stock engine internals/cams with not much over 500bhp available.  There were a few problems with trap speed measurements in the lane which I ran in but from the speedometer it looked to be about the usual terminal speed of approx 120mph, but I can't be specific.

Thanks to GrahamM on the GTR Register for providing the external video clip of the run.





A lap of the sprint circuit at Ten Of The Best 2003, as you can see from the pic I got a bit out of shape and then I missed a gearchange so didn't do particularly well.  But still it was quite good fun, i'll make sure I get some practice in before next years event.



Couldn't resist the urge for another blast down the quartermile at Ultimate Street Car 2004.  Was worth the effort as I did my best ever 1/4 mile of 11.15seconds @ 126.31mph and 100mph in 7.25seconds at the 1/8 mile.  Was running against Andy Nicholls maestro and apart from the start grip there was virtually nothing in it all the way to the end.




At Trax 2004 I had a couple of attempts at the 0-60 sprint and did my best ever time of 3.50 seconds.

170mph.wmv  728Kb

Quartermile.wmv  785Kb

Quartermile2.wmv 654Kb

Quartermile3.wmv  675Kb

Quartermile4.wmv  732Kb

0-60.wmv  771Kb

Rolling Road1.wmv  1384Kb

Banzai1.wmv  960kb

Rolling Road2.wmv  1770Kb

180mph.wmv 1638Kb

Flames.wmv 461Kb

Quartermile5.wmv  671Kb

Quartermile6Outside.wmv  783Kb

Quartermile6InCar.wmv 1152Kb

totb2sprint.wmv 2236Kb

Quartermile7.wmv  897Kb

Trax2004.wmv  380Kb



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